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The Different Kinds of Pizza and Their Taste

Many people do not realize that there are many different kinds of pizza styles and they way it is prepared. Depending on what region of the country you are living in, you will find pizza prepared slightly different. Someone living in California most likely will not have the same pizza experience as someone living in …

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Benefits of Using Wood Burning Pizza Ovens

Don’t we all love pizza? It’s one of those creations that saves the day, every time. If you can’t really figure out what to eat, a pizza will come in handy. You can buy one or you can make your own at home, but it would be even better if you could step that up …

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Pizza – The Fun Facts About That Great Dish

The biggest pizza ever made was baked in Norwood, South Africa in 1990. It was a massive 100 feet across. The word pizza was originally spelt as “pitsa” Americans eat billions of slices of pizza every year; in fact the annual per capita pizza consumption is 23 pounds! Saturday night is traditionally the biggest night …

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