Five Interesting, International Pizzas

The pizza pie is perhaps the most well known Italian import in America (well, aside for Sophie Loren and the Lamborghini), but one may be surprised to learn that pizza can be found just about anywhere in the world.

From the Turkish Pide to the Asian Mizza, there are a literally a world of pizzas available that will tantalize the eyes as well as the palette.

Below are a few exotic pizza pies that will have you updating your passport for a taste of the decadent!

Turkish Pizza

While pide is also the name of Turkish bread is also the title of a scrumptious Turkish pizza. And just might one find on a Turkish Pide?

Depends on the baker, but traditionally, pide can showcase a variety of toppings, from lamb to ingredients like onions, green peppers and cheese. These ingredients are usually slathered on thin bread that is similar in size and flavor to Indian Nan. Spices like sumac and cumin give pide the tradition Middle Eastern flavor that separates this pizza from its Italian ancestor.

The chosen ingredients are spread upon the bread and placed into a fuel burning oven for roughly ten minutes. When it finally comes out, it is served to eager foodies who greatly enjoy partaking in anything different and flavorful.

Asian Pizza

Mizza, a rice crust Pizza that can be found in Taiwan. It’s considered a more organic take on the pie. Replacing a dough crust with a thick rice patty, the pizza is topped with the kind of items one may find in an American pizzeria, i.e. mushrooms, green peppers, cheese, etc., etc.

Japan has an even more appealing and exotic take on pizza with shrimp and mayo. Utilizing tasty shrimp nuggets, this pizza combines Asian mayo and cheese in a specialty sauce alongside various Asian ingredients.

Fattening-probably, but then-what pizza isn’t?

Mexican Pizza

Actually considered more Tex-Mex than Mexican in origin, a Mexican pizza blends Spanish cooking and ingredients with an Italian foundation.

Typically a Mexican pizza has a corn or flour tortilla base with cheese. Refried beans and salsa often times replaces the marinara sauce attributed to the common pizza. Many people who enjoy Mexican pizza like to add jalapenos or spiced beef to jazz things up.

Another version of the Mexican pizza, called pizzadillas, is essentially a quesadilla with tomato sauce on it.

Indian Pizza

Now, an Indian pizza is really an interesting creation because the variation of the types. Many use the paneer cheese as a base, although few will nod at Italy with mozzarella cheese. The sauces can be found in authentic Indian dishes making for a wonderful ethnic creation that will surely satisfy lovers of Indian cuisine.

For instance, you can obtain a pizza with Marsala, vindaloo or creamy yogurt based sauces. There are even curry sauces that give the spicy umph that Indian food can be famous for.

The wonder of pizza

Of course, you have your better known varieties of pizza, like brick oven, Chicago and New York style. For pizza connoisseurs who are used to these offerings, the above may sound a bit too zany for their tastes. Indeed, it can seem strange when we contemplate eating a pizza with things like shrimp, grapes, or curry on them, especially if we are used to marina based creations.

But the thing that makes pizza special is the fact that it can be expanded upon. The base of a pizza is dough and sauce, and from there it is anyone’s guess as to where the pie could end up. This can take us all on fascinating culinary trip that would be well worth undertaking.

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