Judging a Pizza By Its Bake

You’ve heard the expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, so should you judge a pizza by its look? When it comes to food, appearance is a major factor in a persons review of a food product. Pizza is consumed at a rate of approximately 350 slices per second in the United States. This statistic alone stands to reason that all pizza shops should concentrate on the appearance of their pizza. Besides appearance, how else can one judge the overall expectations that a slice of pizza should offer your taste bud’s? Here is a list of what we look for when reviewing a pizza.

Appearance of a pizza can do wonders for the overall taste! When you receive your pizza and flip open the box, you are expecting to find a product that is satisfying to your eyes. You quickly glance over the meat and veggie toppings and the cheese in hopes that they are evenly distributed over the whole pizza. Next you quickly glance at the crust to ensure that it isn’t burnt. Finally your hands reach for a slice of that heaven and hope that the pizza is actually cut all the way through the crust.

Topping distribution on

Various Pizzas in Different Countries

Pizza is said to be an Italian dish. It was famous in just some countries in the recent past but has gained its popularity in the whole world today. Pizza is nothing but flat bread that is added with herbs, fat, nuts, olives, honey, raisin and even cheese. You can easily order a pizza in a restaurant nearby you.

Pizza is no more a unique dish that you have to search for. Most of the restaurants serve delicious pizzas to their customers and satisfy them some excellent stuffing. There are pizza huts that are just famous for their mind-blowing food. You can get the best variety of foods in these huts. You are also allowed to place your orders and you will be delivered with hot and delicious food at your door step.

Pizzas in different counties may have different taste as per the things added to it. Australian pizzas are usually added with bacon and egg and are really delicious to eat. At some places in Australia, you may also find pizzas with crocodile, emu or kangaroo meat. Brazilian pizzas are simple and tasty and are usually added with banana and pineapple. Chocolate on this food is also very famous in

Pizza Stories

Nowadays, pizza is about as American as apple pie. No matter where you grow up (or when you grew up), chances are that pizza was a regular family indulgence at one time or another. If you’re lucky, maybe you got to have some Gainesville pizza at one time or another. You could almost say that pizza is an integral part of the American experience.

One amazing thing is about this dish is that it defies class and socioeconomic boundaries. The rich eat pizza just like the poor do; you can buy it frozen for less than a dollar, or you can go to a high-end bistro and spend fifty bucks or more on a personal pie with fashionable toppings.

I remember a particular pizza story which has special significance for me. My father grew up very poor, one of ten children in a two-bedroom house on Long Island. Being poor, his family valued food very highly. Also, my father’s father worked an unbelievable amount. He held four jobs–two during the week, two on weekends–and picked up extra work where he could. The result was that he often worked over a hundred hours per week, and obviously got very little time to relax.


Variety: The Spice of Pizza Sauce Recipe

Ask anyone about the pizza they are eating and you will usually get a comment about the sauce. That leads to the question of whether or not it is the sauce that creates the pizza. There are three different schools of thought on that, which allows those who create the pizza to follow their opinions. When looking through the different recipes included in the pizza category, you will be amazed at the unique recipes to be found for pizza dough, ingredients, and sauce.

Rambling Pizza

Most of us like sauce on our pizza because it is a buffer zone between the crust and the toppings, holding the meat, vegetables, and cheeses in place while consuming the delectable treat of fresh, hot pizza. The seasonings in the sauce are their own work of art and entice those around who can breathe in the wonderful fragrance of homemade sauce. If you enjoy snacking on cold pizza, you know that the whole creation is delicious.

Another view is that the pizza sauce should be used sparingly, since it can be overwhelming. They regard the sauce as something to complement the ingredients and not draw attention away from the toppings used on the pizza, particularly the cheeses.


Pizza Specials Are Changing the Pizza Industry

Are you looking for a pizza special? If so, you may not necessarily need one to get a great deal from the major pizza chains. The pizza industry today is changing right before your eyes and creating a competition like never before. Some large chains are now selling some of their product for a low set price, so depending on what your taste buds are seeking there may not be a need for pizza coupons.

Little Caesar’s began their resurgence a couple of years ago and when they came back they had their Large cheese or pepperoni pizza for $5 ready to go as soon as you walk in the door. If you’re seeking other toppings or crust your total will be different, but the option is there everyday of the week.

Recently Pizza Hut introduced their $10 deal that includes 3 of your favorite toppings. Their advertising campaign signified slashing of their prices. The introduction of their new pricing format put a shock wave through the industry. It had other big pizza chains scrambling to match and independent pizza shops wondering how they would compete.

With the slashing of Pizza Hut prices came the Papa Johns special of $10 for their product.

San Diego Experts Weigh In – Pizza, Health and the Economy

In recent years, an increasing number of studies have emerged offering evidence that some pizza may actually provide a number of health benefits. Between the cheese, crust, toppings, and oils, pizza fulfills servings in each of the recommended six categories that make up the food pyramid, created by the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion. These studies may come as a pleasant surprise for many, as pizza is not only an economical food, but the American Dairy Association also reports that the pies are America’s fourth most craved food behind cheese, chocolate and ice cream.

Pizza and Health
According to a Men’s Health article in 2005, scientists contributing to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating pizza can reduce your risk of a heart attack. In a four-year study of nearly 1,000 Italians, those who ate pizza at least once a week were 30% less likely to experience a heart attack than those who did not consume pizza. This is contributed, in part, to pizza’s cardio protective ingredients, including natural olive oil and tomato sauce.

Further elaborating on the health benefits of tomato sauce, Lisa Mozing, MS, RD, FADA reported in a 2005 article in LifeScript, that lycopene, a

Choosing The Correct Pizza Crust

In this day in age, ordering a pizza is much more in depth. First of all, you need to find the best pizza deal or pizza coupons in order to figure out who you’re going to order from. After that is settled, then you need to decide on a pizza crust. Do you like thin crust, hand tossed, pan, stuffed, wheat crust, or flavored crust? Here is a review of the different pizza crust available by most pizza shops.

Thin Crust – Usually a very thin crunchy dough, this crust is sometimes referred to as a cracker crust. Sometimes, a pizza with this crust maybe a little more on the greasy side because there really isn’t any dough to soak up the grease. If you enjoy getting the full flavor of your toppings, this is probably the best choice for you.

Hand Tossed Crust – This is the original style pizza crust. You know, the kind you see flying in the air from that pizza shop in downtown New York. Often times, this crust will be thinner in the middle and thicker towards the outside of the pizza.

Pan Style Crust – This is the thickest of the available pizza crust. The pan

Five Interesting, International Pizzas

The pizza pie is perhaps the most well known Italian import in America (well, aside for Sophie Loren and the Lamborghini), but one may be surprised to learn that pizza can be found just about anywhere in the world.

From the Turkish Pide to the Asian Mizza, there are a literally a world of pizzas available that will tantalize the eyes as well as the palette.

Below are a few exotic pizza pies that will have you updating your passport for a taste of the decadent!

Turkish Pizza

While pide is also the name of Turkish bread is also the title of a scrumptious Turkish pizza. And just might one find on a Turkish Pide?

Depends on the baker, but traditionally, pide can showcase a variety of toppings, from lamb to ingredients like onions, green peppers and cheese. These ingredients are usually slathered on thin bread that is similar in size and flavor to Indian Nan. Spices like sumac and cumin give pide the tradition Middle Eastern flavor that separates this pizza from its Italian ancestor.

The chosen ingredients are spread upon the bread and placed into a fuel burning oven for roughly ten minutes. When it finally comes out, it is served to eager foodies

The Historic Roots of Pizza

Pizza is an oven-baked flat usually circular bread, covered with tomato sauce and cheese with optional toppings. All the basic ingredients of a healthy nutritional plan are used in this world-famous culinary product. From dining out to ordering in, pizza has evolved to one of the most loved food categories in the U.S. and around the globe.

The roots of modern pizza come from the ancient Greek colony of Naples in Magna Graecia, which is the part of southern Italy. As early as the 3rd century BC, Marcus Porcius Cato, the first historian of Rome, mentions that people in that area used to eat a flat round dough dressed with olive oil, herbs, cheese and honey. Even in the city of Pompeii, archaeologists have excavated shops that resemble modern pizzerias. Since the tomato was not yet known in Europe, the ingredients of the ancient pizza were somewhat different, but the concept remained the same. During the 16th century, when tomato was transferred from the Americas to Europe, the poor area around Naples begun adding this plant to their yeast-based flat bread covering it with mozzarella cheese. Soon, pizza gained tremendous popularity among the Italian people and in 1897 the first pizza

The Pizza Battle to be Supreme

Imagine this scenario, your talking to a friend on your cell phone and all of a sudden your phone beeps, you look at the screen and what do you see? Click now and save $2 off of your online pizza order. Yes, it can happen! The big 3 of the pizza world are striving to be the first at every angle. In today’s market the massive money of Papa Johns, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut just over powers the rest of the industry. These three companies have the power to rule the industry in the brick and mortar side and in the internet world. They have all built their sites with online pizza ordering, printable coupons, and they even placed you on their e-mail list.

Dominos pizza is the first of the three to introduce mobile pizza ordering. Is it crazy to think of it? No, the majority of our tech lifestyle is spent on the cell phone or in front of the computer now a days and they are using this to their advantage. If the statistics show that it’s working then, it’s only a matter of time before Pizza Hut and Papa John’s pizza role out their cell phone ordering