Pizza – Food Of The Gods

Baked as a meal, pizza can be topped with literally anything in the world. Pizza is nothing more than a very shallow piecrust that is made of raised yeast bread dough that has been covered. It is typically covered with items such as tomato sauce that has been seasoned with Italian spicing, as well as with multiple types of cheese and other items.

The item is believed to have come about from the old Italian word that meant to point or to bring to a point. While it is not known if the actual pizza crust came from Italy, it is known that many people in this area of the world used the technique of adding flour and water to make a soft flat bread and then baking it on stones, which would produce the crunchy bottom crust.

Today pizza making is an art. There are stone ovens and hearth ovens and as many types of pizza as there are people who love it. Pizzas today are topped with not only tomato sauce and cheese, but may also use a cheese sauce, which is then topped with steak, or even pork sausage. Dessert pizzas may be cream cheese sauces, or gelled sauces which are then topped with fresh fruits or sometimes a creamy custard sauce in order to offer a dessert type food that is economical to make and will serve a larger number of people.

A vast array of celebrities claim to love pizza and some will even say that it was an ancestor or someone they know who invented this or that type of pizza. The reality is that pizza of some variety has been around since literally the dawn of time. While we would all love to believe that our pizza is the only variety that has been made, the fact is that it is not.

Pizza as early as the dawn of man has been found. IT was essentially a flat mixture of water and some kind of flour that was baked hard on a stone hearth and then topped with other types of foods, such as meat. This was done because it was low cost, easy to prepare and could be carried with someone out on the hunt or for other forays.

An interesting footnote: the Greeks have actually claimed that they were the inventors of pizza as they used bread in order to make plates when none were available to them. Whoever it was that made the first pizza, the world certainly owes them a debt of gratitude.

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