The Pizza Battle to be Supreme

Imagine this scenario, your talking to a friend on your cell phone and all of a sudden your phone beeps, you look at the screen and what do you see? Click now and save $2 off of your online pizza order. Yes, it can happen! The big 3 of the pizza world are striving to be the first at every angle. In today’s market the massive money of Papa Johns, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut just over powers the rest of the industry. These three companies have the power to rule the industry in the brick and mortar side and in the internet world. They have all built their sites with online pizza ordering, printable coupons, and they even placed you on their e-mail list.

Dominos pizza is the first of the three to introduce mobile pizza ordering. Is it crazy to think of it? No, the majority of our tech lifestyle is spent on the cell phone or in front of the computer now a days and they are using this to their advantage. If the statistics show that it’s working then, it’s only a matter of time before Pizza Hut and Papa John’s pizza role out their cell phone ordering package.

So what does all this do for you as a consumer? It provides an easy way for you to order a pizza at almost any time of the day or any place in the world. They give you the opportunity to save money on every pizza order with their printable coupons and advertised specials. They continue to introduce new pizza’s to entice your taste bud’s. Their marketing techniques are cut throat because they know it is a multi-billion dollar industry and they all want to be at the top of the list.

Could it be that one day soon you will be driving home and pass a Papa John’s Pizza shop and hear your car say: “The pizza special for Papa John’s pizza today is…”

Enjoy Life – Enjoy Pizza

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