Various Pizzas in Different Countries

Pizza is said to be an Italian dish. It was famous in just some countries in the recent past but has gained its popularity in the whole world today. Pizza is nothing but flat bread that is added with herbs, fat, nuts, olives, honey, raisin and even cheese. You can easily order a pizza in a restaurant nearby you.

Pizza is no more a unique dish that you have to search for. Most of the restaurants serve delicious pizzas to their customers and satisfy them some excellent stuffing. There are pizza huts that are just famous for their mind-blowing food. You can get the best variety of foods in these huts. You are also allowed to place your orders and you will be delivered with hot and delicious food at your door step.

Pizzas in different counties may have different taste as per the things added to it. Australian pizzas are usually added with bacon and egg and are really delicious to eat. At some places in Australia, you may also find pizzas with crocodile, emu or kangaroo meat. Brazilian pizzas are simple and tasty and are usually added with banana and pineapple. Chocolate on this food is also very famous in Brazil.

Cheese pizza and one with tandoori chicken topping are some of the famous pizzas in India. You can also look for mushroom pizzas in India. This food in Israel are usually meat free as people in Israel have a religious believe that meat should not be mixed with dairy produce.

At some places in Israel, you will find pizzas with local flavor which are delicious and are popular in and around the town. Pizzas in South Korea are added with Bulgogi toppings or Dak galbi. Pizza classica is also a very famous kind of food that is popular in many parts of the world.

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